Student types on a laptop computer sitting on a desk. A cup of coffee and notebook sit to her left. Mobile phone on the right
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Content marketing takes on many forms because the value you’re providing for your customers can be delivered across multiple mediums (← an obvious statement).

What platforms should you use to connect with your target audiences?

See below for a list of nine (9) different types of content marketing mediums to…

A man dressed in a blue suit wearing red glasses with his chin on his wrists, staring defeatedly at an open laptop.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Do you know the secret to motivation, to gaining momentum in your life, business, or craft?


It’s true for any athlete, prolific writer, musician, woodworker, and even small business owner.

If you want to make progress toward your goals, then you have to be consistent.

The Tale of the Unexpected, Talented (and Handsome) Musician

Growing up, I was…

Matt Snyder

Writer, marketer, expert folder of the fitted sheet. Leader of this movement for kindness:

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