A Freelancer’s Battle with Imposter Syndrome

A small girl dressed as Wonder Woman, sitting on a curb, surrounded by adults (legs only), and eating ice cream.
A little girl looking the way I used to feel. Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When I realized I had a problem

Early in 2020, pre-pandemic, I decided to pick up more freelance work. The plan was to expand my skillset and portfolio, and eventually go into business for myself.

The dirty details of Imposter Syndrome

In an article for the Harvard Business Review, Gill Corkindale defines imposter syndrome as “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist despite evident success.”

For sufferers, self-doubt runs rampant. No matter how successful you may be in a particular field, you’re wholly incapable of internalizing your accomplishments. Instead, all you can see is your perceived inability, lack, or “failure.”

To no surprise, imposter syndrome is a common problem with perfectionists (a term, with which, I unfortunately identify).

Creating my “Alter Ego Effect”

I’m a member of the Copywriter Underground. It’s a group of marketing writers, freelancers, and business owners who rub shoulders virtually (and in real life) to be better at their craft.

Book cover, bright yellow with a pair of glasses, reads: The Alter Ego Effect.

How it works

The Alter Ego Effect is about making sense of the various roles we play during the day and then locking-in on performing one (or more) of them successfully. Todd recommends you do this by:

How I developed my alter ego

After I bought Todd’s book, I started methodically working through every exercise he put in it.

By the time it was all said and done, I had created a powerfully strong mental (and written) image of the person I was genuinely hoping to one day be — the person who was going to kick my imposter syndrome to the curb.

So, who is he?

Boy dressed like superman running down an empty road toward a plane crash (plane being struck by lightning).
Image by AD_Images from Pixabay

This is great Matt, but how’s it working for you?

It’s been exactly one year since I finished The Alter Ego Effect and identified exactly who I want to become.

A dude wearing a red bandana saying, “Well, obviously.”

Kick imposter syndrome in the backside.

Does this sound like a process that might help you? I recommend you check out Todd’s book The Alter Ego Effect. If you’re lucky, it might even be available at your local library.



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