A Simple Mindset Hack to Knock Your Life Goals Out of the Park

You’ll be dancing at the finish line in no time

Legs and feet of an athlete running down a road in a green park surrounded by trees.
Image by Daniel Reche from Pixabay

What My Friend Taught Me About Running

Some Guidelines for “Throwing Stones”

What you can learn from “throwing stones” is that your focus shouldn’t ever be on the finish line (i.e. your overly ambitious goal). Your focus should be on the next checkpoint you’ve set for yourself.

How to Throw Stones in 4 Steps

1. Pick a big goal you want to reach.

2. Break it down.

  • $65,000/year =
  • $5,417/month =
  • $1,250/week =
  • $179/day

3. Schedule time on your calendar

4. Throw your damn stones

TL;DR Version for the Busy People



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Matt Snyder


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