The Day Cycling in the City Broke My Will

Man riding vintage bike down the city street.
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The day I biking broke my will.

It was a cool spring morning, the kind that gently kisses your face and makes you eager for summer. The sun’s early rays were peeking over the horizon, greeting my expectations for the journey I was about to embark on: a four-and-a-half mile bike ride to work.

My conversation with Eric.

A few weeks later, long after I decided to hang my bike commuting hat helmet up, I struck up a conversation with my friend Eric. He’s a strong, but unassuming, outdoorsy type.

The day I finally did it.

A few days later, I aired up the tires on my road bike, determined to burn rubber up every hill that taunted me.

Eric’s advice is invaluable, and believe it or not, it applies to life too.

Life can be overwhelming sometimes. Work projects pile on your plate, deadlines loom on the calendar, and your responsibilities stack up until it feels like you’re going to suffocate.



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Matt Snyder

Matt Snyder


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